Gyosaikeishoku Kou


Open 17:30 – 22:00

Closed Wednesdays
(please enquire over the New Year,
Golden Week and Obon festival periods)

Kou’s Most Popular Items on the Menu: Best 5

No. 1 Best

Donabe Taimeshi

Rice with minced sea bream served in an earthen pot

This has got to be No. 1!

Wondrous taimeshi!

It takes about one hour to be served following your order. Be sure to ask for it well in advance.


Finest Japanese Beef (wagyu) Fire-roasted Sushi

This dish is the pride of our restaurant! It will be roasted to order. Make sure you try it while it is freshly roasted!


Double Shrimp Dumplings (Ebi-ebi Dango)

Shrimp coated in shrimp flavoring – a dish shrimp-lovers cannot resist

Hand-made shrimp dumplings. Try them with our home-made tartar sauce!


Love Triangle Salad

A complicated relationship of grilled eggplant, wakame seaweed and seared beef.

As its name suggests, it may be complicated, but a great match for a salad!


Sashimi Assorted Platter

An assorted sashimi platter created from the day’s catch. Changes according to season.

A must when you visit Kou!

An example from the Sashimi menu

  • Today’s Assorted Sashimi Platter “5-variety Platter “
  • Salmon Sashimi
  • Fresh Salmon Roe

*There are also the day’s specials.

Introducing Our Seafood

  • Serving of Fresh Salmon Roe
  • Salmon and Salmon Roe Parent-and-Child Tartare
  • Three-line Grunt Fish (isagi) Steamed in Konbu Seaweed

An example from the Fried Foods menu

  • Deep-fried Chicken (kara-age) & Collaboration Sauce
  • Double Shrimp Dumplings (Ebi-ebi Dango)
    【Top Recommendation】
  • Deep-fried Octopus
  • Deep-fried Chicken Nanban
  • Deep-fried Chicken Cartilege

An example from the Rice Dishes menu

  • Browned & Crispy Buttered Rice
  • Fire-roasted Pork on Rice
  • “Complete Strangers” on Rice
  • Stone-baked Tea-soaked Rice (cha-zuke)

An example from the Salad menu

  • Love Triangle Salad
  • Fire-roasted Salmon Caesar Salad
  • Whimsical Seafood Carpaccio
  • Soft-boiled Egg Salad

An example from the Sushi menu

  • Fire-roasted Finest Japanese Beef (wagyu) Sushi
  • Fire-roasted Finest Japanese Beef (wagyu) Tartare Gunkan-maki (battleship-shaped roll sushi)
  • Fire-roasted Fatty Salmon Sushi
  • Red Shrimp Nigiri-zushi

An example from the Grilled Foods menu

  • Char-grilled Chicken Diaphragm (harami)


An example from the Gratin menu

  • Tofu and Spicy Cod Roe (mentaiko) Gratin
  • Lasagna Gratin
  • Shrimp Gratin

An example from the Dessert menu

  • Coffee Jelly Parfait with Rice-Flour Dumplings
  • Waffles & Ice Cream
  • Soft-serve Ice Cream

An example from the Drinks menu

  • Beer (Draft beer,Bottled beer, Local beer)
  • Japanese sake
  • Shochu
  • Highball
  • Non-alcoholic Cocktails
  • Cocktails
  • Soft Drinks

Gyosaikeishoku Kou


Gyosaikeishoku Kou


Gyosaikeishoku Kou

Introducing the Restaurant

Gyosaikeishoku Kou Style of Dining

We also welcome those looking to relax & entertain a special person in a private room.

Reservations and Enquiries

As Gyosaikeishoku Kou is not a large restaurant, there are occasions when you may need to wait, or when we may be unable to welcome you when full.

Customers with reservations will receive priority service.

Please feel free to make reservations and enquiries by telephone.


Open 17:30 – 22:00

Closed Wednesdays

(please enquire over the New Year, Golden Week and Obon festival periods)